Town Logo

The Buena Vista Town Logo, adopted in 2017, is circular in shape, suggesting community and endurance. The color palette draws from our beloved state flag and reflects Buena Vista's pleasant climate and numerous days of sunshine and blue skies. The darker blue, three-peaked mountain depicts the majestic Mt. Princeton as seen on the descent from Trout Creek Pass. The smaller peaks on either side represent the 14ers flanking Mt. Princeton on each side, and commemorate the year that the Town of Buena Vista was incorporated. The water element located at the bottom of the logo represents the Arkansas River and the forward-thinking momentum that carries Buena Vista into the future. The typographic element is humble, handwritten, and friendly, and exists in harmony with the graphical elements.

If you would like to use the Town Logo for an event, please consult the following documents:

Town Of Buena Vista_Tagline Wordmark (blue)rgb

The Town of Buena Vista Colorado 1879
The Town of Buena Vista Colorado 1879 in black and white
The Town of Buena Vista Colorado 1879 outline