The Town of Buena Vista Community Vision

Vision Statement

This Collective Vision Statement was first adopted as part of the 2008 Comprehensive Plan, and was derived from the exact wording provided by citizens during the Comprehensive Plan process. Trustees have regularly visited the Collective Vision Statement for relevancy over the succeeding years and made changes as appropriate. The Collective Vision Statement establishes the context for the Board of Trustees and Town staff when making decisions, prioritizing, and establishing policy for Buena Vista. We as a community want this vision as a whole, not simply components of this vision. While we can pick and choose elements within the Comprehensive Plan for direction, we must turn to the Collective Vision Statement for the context of the community.

General Community Character

We envision the town as a clean, safe, quiet, and secure community that is a desirable place to live, work, and play.

Community Spirit

Our collective community consists of friendly, well-informed people who feel they can make a difference, have an impact in determining their future and their quality of life, and enjoy their freedom of expression.

Community Appearance

The town we envision has a defined sense of place as expressed in its history and architecture.

Community Services

The town of our vision has high-quality education, and medical and emergency response services, as well as quality, efficient, and well maintained parks and public buildings. The town’s public servants exhibit an excellent level of public service, including approachability, honesty and helpfulness. Our town government and community leaders demonstrate accountability, consistency and visibility. We engage in a high level of cooperation with surrounding governmental and nongovernmental entities.


We desire a community where urban, rural and agricultural land uses can coexist in a well-planned pattern. Land use decisions are made with thoughtfulness toward long-term vitality and sustainability. Planning and decision-making opportunities account for various factors in the community. We want a healthy community with clean air and water.


We envision a community in which all citizens enjoy financial prosperity and can find an affordable place to live. The town has a bustling downtown community core with abundant and diverse retail establishments. We continually strive for economic diversity within the community. Our town government is economically stable and resilient by being good stewards of our resources and maintaining fiscal responsibility.

Mission of Buena Vista Town Government 

The Town of Buena Vista is to provide high-quality, reliable services for the benefit or our citizens, guests, and employees, while being good stewards of public resources and our natural setting.

Town Government Key Outcome Areas

Outcome areas are defined as specific objectives that the Board of Trustees and the community would like to achieve, and that contribute to the quality of life for Buena Vista citizens. Enhancing Economic Vitality, Infrastructure, Community, Environment and Water are important priorities of the Town of Buena Vista. Each outcome area is defined below:

Economic Vitality

We want to support long-term prosperity for Buena Vista citizens in a manner that encourages sustainability, smart growth, diversification, capitalizes on our strengths, and improves quality of life.


We want to ensure that we maintain existing infrastructure and facilitate new, fiscally responsible and intentionally planned infrastructure.


We strive to encourage a community with a sense of pride and acceptance where all contribute to the social, economic, and political life, take part in prosperity, and feel respected. All citizens are safe and feel this sense of security.


We want to foster an environment that is safe, healthy, encourages conservation, and makes for a friendly place where people want to live, work, and play.


We want a safe and reliable water supply that comes from diverse sources and meets the needs of residents and business - now and in the future.

Updated May 26, 2020