In partnership with other governmental agencies, the Town of Buena Vista is a participant in the Rocky Mountain E-Purchasing System, an e-Procurement system. The Rocky Mountain E-Purchasing System is a centralized web-based system that provides a single point of contact and broader access to new business opportunities throughout Colorado. The system provides the following benefits:

  • 24-hour access to business opportunities
  • Notification based upon the vendor’s designated product or service
  • More reliable and timely delivery of notifications and documents
  • Vendor-managed registration system

If you are interested in business opportunities with the Town of Buena Vista, please visit the Rocky Mountain E-Purchasing System. Please note that the RFPs or RFQs listed below may not be included on RMEP.

Note: if you are not already a registered user of the RMEP system, it is possible to utilize their site at no cost. Go to the RMEP website using the link above and register for a free account.

Current RFPs

Comprehensive Plan Date Collection Services

The Town of Buena Vista is seeking a consultant partner who specializes in crafting, executing, and analyzing data through surveys, interviews, focus groups, and public meetings to join Town staff in implementing Phase II of the Town’s 2023 Comprehensive Plan creation process. Bid due date is Monday, February 27th by 10:00 AM MST.

Request for Proposals - Comprehensive Plan Data Collection Services (PDF)