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The Buena Vista Police Department provides protective and informational services to the community. The community has long regarded the Buena Vista Police Department with respect due to its perception of the department's high level of professionalism. It is the goal of each individual department member to maintain this tradition by being fair, firm, and impartial as well as friendly and approachable.

When any person applies for assistance, advice or makes complaints/reports by telephone or in person, all pertinent information will be obtained in an efficient and courteous manner and will be properly and judiciously acted upon consistent with established departmental goals, objectives, policies, procedures, rules and regulations.

Police badge


Fidem vis et honor ad finem or 
“Faith, strength, and honor…until the end.”

Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Buena Vista Police Department to ceaselessly pursue criminals, suppress and prevent crime, apprehend offenders, protect lives and property, and maintain order. Our mandate is to do so by being fair, firm, and impartial, to always speak truth, and to act with faith, strength, and honor.

Vision Statement

Maintain and enhance the confidence and trust of the people we serve. Strengthen and expand the partnerships between the police and the community. Maximize community participation in identifying problems, developing solutions, and establishing relevant Department priorities and policies. Effectively resolve problems of our community while protecting life and property.

Chief's Values

Being the values of a given chief of police. These are the foundations of our Mission, Vision, and Motto, and those qualities the chief needs to personally exemplify, and those qualities he or she expects from his or her officers. This is a code of honor, and should be considered often and taken seriously.

  • Faith: Keeping faith with our community and each other. This means being true to the Law Enforcement Code of Ethics and our Mission. This means holding ourselves to a higher standard, and a recognition and respect for the authority that comes with our badge, that “to whom much is given, much is expected.” In good faith, police supervisors will model servant leadership, and officers will reflect this model as public servants. We will not abuse our authority, cases will be investigated thoroughly and properly, and we will conduct ourselves with integrity, on and off duty.
  • Strength: Courage in the performance of our duties despite personal danger, animosity, adversity, or ridicule. A willingness and readiness to place ourselves between citizens and harm, with zero tolerance for cowardice. Holding ourselves to high standards of professionalism, that includes physical and mental fortitude so we can excel at the performance of our duties, and maintaining peak physical condition and proficiency in our skills.
  • Honor: Treating all with dignity and respect by recognizing both the statutory and judicial limitations of police authority as well as the constitutional rights of all persons. We will respect the traditions of law enforcement and the legacy of those who came before us, and we will honor the fallen. We will always speak the truth and relentlessly pursue law breakers. We will be hard-working, and diligently about the duties for which we are paid. We will love justice, be role-models, and conduct ourselves with humility by putting our citizen’s well-being and safety before our own. We acknowledge that we derive our legal authority from the citizens. We will hold each other accountable to these standards, and not become like the lawless.
  • Until the End: Fidelis ad mortem… “faithful unto death.” We will not fear death, and officers are hired with an understanding that they may be called on to lay down their lives for those we’re sworn to protect. The gravitas of these values is that we are true to them, even unto death. As such, our oath and values are sacred and should be considered often. Those that cannot maintain fidelity to these oaths and values will not be hired into our ranks, and cannot maintain brotherhood or sisterhood within our ranks.

Frequently Used Forms

Municipal Court

If you have questions about a citation/summons or fine, please visit our Municipal Court page.


Property releases will be by appointment only on Wednesdays – No Exceptions.

VIN Inspections

We will need to see a valid vehicle title or registration. VIN inspections are $10 per vehicle. VIN inspections are only conducted Monday through Friday during business hours and based on officer availability.

Everbridge Alert System

Chaffee County has instituted the Everbridge resident alert system. It allows Chaffee County 9-1-1 to contact all or targeted areas of the County in case of an emergency. It is capable of getting information out to thousands of residents in seconds via landlines, cell phones, email, and more. If you would like to sign up for these alerts, visit Chaffee County.

Chaffee County Resources

Chaffee County Dispatch now handles all calls related to injured or dead deer or other large animals. Please call their non-emergency line at 719-539-2596 to make a report.

Chaffee County Sheriff Department Website