Finance Department

The Finance Department, overseen by the Town Treasurer, is responsible for tracking the fiscal records of the Town and receiving and disbursing monies on behalf of the Town.

Town of Buena Vista 2024 Draft Budget (PDF)

Town of Buena Vista 2023 Budget (online version)

Town of Buena Vista 2023 Budget (PDF)

2022 Budget Final Adjustment (PDF)

Disposable Bag Fees
The Colorado House Bill 21-1162- Management of Plastic Products Act is imposed by the State of Colorado and the Town of Buena Vista is responsible for monitoring compliance and the collection of fees.

Disposable Bag Fee Form (PDF)

Effective 1/1/2023

  • Single use carryout bag fee of $0.10 will be charged for any plastic or paper bags distributed at checkout. Purchase of bags must be denoted on the customer’s receipt (both quantity and amount). Does not apply to customers participating in Federal or State Food Assistance Programs.
  • Businesses included:
    • All Colorado businesses with an out-of-state location or that are part of a franchise, corporation, or partnership that has physical locations outside of Colorado.
    • All Colorado businesses with four or more locations.
  • Businesses excluded:
    • All Colorado businesses with three or less locations
    • All retail food establishments
  • Collections to be used for administrative costs, recycling and composting programs, and related outreach and education. Funds are distributed as follows:
  • Filing and remittance of municipality’s share is to be done quarterly.

Effective 1/1/2024

  • Stores and retail food establishments shall not provide single-use plastic carryout bags (unless part of their inventory at 1/1/24 and then applicable on 6/1/24). Paper bags may be provided for a $0.10 fee.
  • Expanded polystyrene may not be used as a container for ready-to-eat food (unless part of their inventory at 1/1/24).
  • Businesses included:
    • All businesses with an out of state location or part of a franchise, corporation, or partnership.
    • All Colorado businesses with four or more locations.
    • All farmer's markets.
    • All retail food establishments.
  • Businesses excluded:
    • All Colorado businesses with three or less locations. 

Explanation of Colorado Disposable Bag Fee for Town of Buena Vista (PDF)

Financial Transparency

The Town of Buena Vista has partnered with ClearGov, a transparency and benchmarking platform, to launch an infographic-based fiscal dashboard. The new tool provides taxpayers an easy-to-understand, visual breakdown of the town's finances, as well as insights into the demographics, debt, and more.

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Budget Information

2022 Budget (PDF)

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Audit Reports

2022 Audited Financial Statements (PDF)

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