April 5, 2022 Election

Town of Buena Vista Municipal Election – April 5, 2022

Buena Vista’s next municipal election will take place on April 5, 2022, to elect a Mayor and three Trustees to serve a four-year term of office expiring in 2026. Also, one additional Trustee position with a term that will expire in 2024 is open, filling the vacancy created in 2021.

If you are interested in running for elected office, Nomination Petitions for Mayor and Trustee may be circulated from Tuesday, January 4th through Monday, January 24th. You need to obtain signatures from ten registered electors, who must live within Town limits, to become a candidate. Stop by Town Hall to pick up your nomination petition packet. 

The Town of Buena Vista benefits significantly from the energy and engagement of its Board members, and there’s no time like the present for you to join their ranks. Do you have:

  • An interest in local issues and public service?
  • The time and commitment to attend two Board of Trustees meetings per month and to read through (sometimes lengthy) Board packets in advance so you’ll be well informed when you arrive?
  • The flexibility to attend various other types of meetings as assigned, such as those held by intergovernmental organizations and Town Advisory Boards?
  • The ability to work with people, willingness to listen to the concerns of your neighbors and constituents, and a knack for coming up with common-sense solutions to the challenges facing our town?

If you answered ‘yes’ to these questions, the Candidate Information Packet (PDF) and Board of Trustees Handbook (PDF) will answer most of your initial questions, and the Town staff is always ready to help you with any issues or concerns you might have. 

Public service can be challenging and frustrating at times, but it’s also rewarding—just ask any current or past Trustee. So, if you’ve been thinking about becoming an elected official, it may be the time to consider throwing your hat into the ring.

If you have questions or need additional information, please email Paula Barnett, Town Clerk or call 719-395-8643 ext. 1017. 

Election Day and Voter Registration Information

On Election Day, the Buena Vista Community Center (715 East Main St) will be open from 7:00am through 7:00pm as a vote center. You can register to vote, receive a ballot, and vote there in person on Election Day if you wish. You may also drop off your ballot at the Community Center that day. At any time prior to Election Day, you may drop off your ballot at Buena Vista Town Hall (210 East Main St), in the ballot drop-box at the Chaffee County Annex building at 112 Linderman Ave, Buena Vista, CO, or in the ballot drop-box at the County’s Administrative Offices at 104 Crestone Ave, Salida, CO.

Please be sure your voter registration is updated to reflect your current address. Voters with a Colorado Driver’s License or ID card can register or update their information at www.GoVoteColorado.com at any time up to and including the day of the election. Please contact Chaffee County directly regarding their current registration procedures. You should also contact Chaffee County if you do not receive your ballot or need a replacement ballot. You can contact the Chaffee County Clerk’s office at 719-539-4004 or by emailing Lori Mitchell.

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