Jazz Funk Dance

Jazz Funk is best described as a mix of ballet and hip hop. We will explore the technique and terminology of Jazz Dance, while focusing on coordination, strength, balance, and expression. Beginners are welcome, but this class will be more challenging than Youth Hip Hop. Each class will consist of a warm up, stretching and conditioning, and will build on the skills taught in previous weeks. Parents are invited to watch the end of the last class.

Who: Age 8-13

When: Tuesdays, 6:00-7:00pm                                                March 27 - May 1

Where: Community Center, Aspen Room

Cost: $30 for 6-Week Session

Registration Deadline: Friday, April 27

Online Registration: Register online here!

Details: For more information on this class, contact BV REC at 719-395-1939 or bvrec@buenavistaco.gov

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