Are you looking for an awesome way to spend your summer break? Look no further, BV REC has got a place for you! As a “Rec-iteer”, you will be able to meet new friends, go on adventures, and develop some great new skills! Come, learn new games, get dirty, and work with kids! You won’t want to miss this fantastic experience! 

BV REC is offering the opportunity to be a part of the REC-iteers program for the upcoming summer! We'll have fun doing a lot of great activities: hiking, playing sports, going on fieldtrips, and of course, taking part in some pretty sweet adventures!

This program isn't just all fun and games (although, it mostly is...)! We will help you develop your leadership skills, become qualified in First Aid/CPR, and build a resume while gaining real-world experience! Build yourself up for your future while having the time of your life!
Who: Ages 13-17

When: June 5 - July 27

Where: Community Center

Details: Volunteer Program with BV REC. Why become a BV Rec-iteer? Why not? Get outside! Be Adventurous! Gain Experience! 

For more information, contact Shane at 719-395-1939 or

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"Get Fit, Have Fun, and Play in beautiful Buena Vista, Colorado!"