Street Department

Snow removal 2015

2019 Proposed Street Fund Projects

The Street Department provides the following services:

  • Crack sealing and asphalt repairs
  • Marking (striping, crosswalks, handicap, parking spaces, etc.)
  • Sign maintenance and upgrades
  • Snowplowing and sanding (work accomplished at night)
  • Street sweeping
  • Pothole repair
  • Assistance with special events
  • Right-of-way maintenance, including trees
  • Gravel road maintenance (smoothing, shaping, dust control)
  • Storm water drainage maintenance

Sidewalk Replacement

When the program is offered, the Town will pay for half of the cost if you would like to replace the sidewalk in front of your home or business. Call Public Works at 395-6898 for more information and applications. Click view the Sidewalk Replacement form (PDF).

Snow Removal Policy

Public Works has the following snow removal policy in place. If it snows two inches, East Main, West Main, Post Office, and school bus routes will be plowed. If it snows four inches, designated collector streets, in addition to the above, will be plowed. If it snows six inches or more, the remaining town streets will be plowed.

Business owners and homeowners are responsible for snow removal in front of their properties along East and West Main Streets. Move the snow away and out from the drainage along the curb, and shovel the entire width of the sidewalk. Ice can build up on sidewalks and curb areas creating a hazard. Snow can also be piled around the street trees on the grates.

Snow Removal Plan (PDF)

Driveway Access Permit Application (PDF)
Sidewalk Closure Agreement (PDF)
Sidewalk Replacement Form (PDF)
Street Construction-Excavation Permit Application (PDF)

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