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In partnership with other governmental agencies, the Town of Buena Vista is a participant in the Rocky Mountain E-Purchasing System, an e-Procurement system. The Rocky Mountain E-Purchasing System is a centralized web-based system that provides a single point of contact and broader access to new business opportunities throughout Colorado. The system provides the following benefits:
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If you are interested in business opportunities with the Town of Buena Vista, including any RFPs or RFQs listed below, please visit the Rocky Mountain E-Purchasing System.

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Current RFPs

2017 Roadway Rehabilitation Project

The Town of Buena Vista is soliciting Proposals from contractors for roadway rehabilitation. Project includes reconstruction of approximately 1200 linear feet of existing roadway and lay-down of approximately 1900 linear feet of ½” chip seal, followed by a polymer modified Fog Seal.

The information contained herein outlines the intent and scope of this Request for Proposals (RFP), guidelines governing the submission, and criteria for evaluating and selecting a qualified firm for this project. We ask that all submissions conform to this request as closely as possible.

All submissions must be received in a sealed envelope or package by the Town of Buena Vista by Tuesday, June 6, 2017 for a bid opening at 10am. Any Proposals received after that time will be disqualified. Faxed or E-mailed responses will not be accepted.

Bid opening will take place at Buena Vista Public Works Office, 755 Gregg Drive, Buena Vista, Co 81211.

Submit letter of transmittal and Proposal to:
2017 Roadway Rehabilitation Project
Town of Buena Vista
P. O. Box 2002
210 E. Main Street
Buena Vista, Colorado 81211

General or technical questions about this RFP should be e-mailed to bvpwdir@buenavistaco.gov.

2017 Asphalt Patching Project

The Town of Buena Vista is accepting sealed bids for the 2017 Asphalt Patching Project. This project includes approximately 5,500 square feet of patching (locations TBD). Scope includes asphalt cutting, removal of existing asphalt, compaction of road base, and placing and compaction of 3-inches of hot mix asphalt. Contractor is responsible for traffic control.

Bid deadline and bid opening is Tuesday, June 6, 2017 at 2:00 PM. Submit bids to Town Hall, 210 E. Main Street, PO Box 2002, Buena Vista, CO 81211, clearly marked “2017 Asphalt Patching Project.”

Bid opening will take place at the Public Works Office located at 755 Gregg Drive, Buena Vista, CO 81211.

Contact the Public Works Department at 395-6898 for details.