Trails Advisory Board

The Trails Advisory Board shall consist of seven members and two alternate members. Five of the members and the two alternate members shall be appointed by the Board of Trustees. The sixth and seventh members of the Trails Advisory Board shall be the Public Works Director and the Principal Planner, both of whom shall be deemed ex-officio members of the Trails Advisory board. Meetings are held at 8:00am on the first Tuesday of every month at the Public Works Building, 755 Gregg Drive.

The Trails Advisory Board shall have the following duties and responsibilities:

  1. The Trails Advisory Board shall study, investigate, develop, and recommend to the Board of Trustees the adoption of a written plan for the care, preservation, maintenance, and improvement of the Buena Vista Trails System.
  2. Once a written plan for the Buena Vista Trails System has been adopted by the Board of Trustees, the Trails Advisory Board shall recommend annual updates and modifications to such plan.
  3. The Trails Advisory Board shall bring to the attention of the Board of Trustees any action or condition which is in apparent violation of any ordinance of the Town pertaining to trails or matters related to trails, or recommend to the Board of Trustees any specific remedial enforcement action desired by the Trails 
    Advisory Board.
  4. The Trails Advisory Board shall perform such other and further duties and responsibilities with respect to trails located within the Buena Vista Trail System as may, from time to time, be delegated by the Board of Trustees or which are provided for by Town Ordinance.
  5. Members of the Trails Advisory Board have the option to do maintenance work themselves outside of the Public Works Department. This option only applies to actual members appointed to the Trails Advisory Board and does not authorize the Trails Advisory Board to subcontract any such maintenance work to any individuals or agencies outside the Town unless the Trails Advisory Board elects to coordinate outside volunteers with the Finance Director and submit identification forms to the Finance Director prior to any work being done by said volunteers. (Ord. 2-2007 §2)
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