Beautification Advisory Board

The Beautification Advisory Board shall consist of five voting members, two alternate members and up to thirty-five ex-officio members. The five voting members shall be appointed by the Board of Trustees. The ex-officio members shall be appointed internally by the voting members. (Ord. 3-2007 §2) This Board meets at 5:00pm on the first Thursday of every month at Collegiate Peaks Realty, 419 S Hwy 24.

The Beautification Advisory Board shall have the following duties and responsibilities:

  1. The Beautification Advisory Board shall make recommendations to the Board of Trustees regarding beautification matters, projects, or endeavors and, upon receiving direction from the Board of Trustees, shall implement, organize, and coordinate any beautification project for the Town.
  2. Members of the Beautification Advisory Board have the option to work on beautification projects themselves outside of the Public Works Department. This option only applies to actual members of the Beautification Advisory Board and does not authorize the Beautification Advisory Board to  subcontract any such maintenance work to any individuals or agencies outside of the Town unless the Beautification Advisory Board elects to coordinate outside volunteers with the Finance Director and submit identification forms to the Finance Director prior to any work being done by said volunteers. (Ord. 3-2007 §2)

Beautification Advisory Board members