Little Tigers - Martial Arts

The focus of this class is to familiarize children with the martial arts that we teach, while helping them to build a strong foundation for them to work from should they choose to pursue martial arts into adulthood. Students will learn basic techniques, and the fundamentals of self-defense. Additionally, we teach about common dangers or threats such as dealing with strangers or what to do if one were to get lost. We keep our students engaged by incorporating games and other fun activities into our training.
Tae Kwon Do
Ages: 6-8

When: Tuesdays/Fridays, beginning January 3

Where: Community Center

Cost: $60/month
($10 for first class to check it out- then pay for more if you like it!)

Deadline: None! Register at any time!

Details: For more information on how to register for this class, please contact BV REC.

For more information on the specifics of this class, please contact Jacob (the instructor) or check out his website!